Karin Wrzesinski { Graphic Artist Illustrator Web Designer }



I’ve been working in the in the field of graphic arts, and digital media for the over 10 years. I’ve created print materials of all kinds, purposes, shapes and sizes as well as designed themes for various content management systems on the web. I have given art direction on visual campaigns, establishing a precedent for supplemental materials, and created styles guides to ensure visual guidelines are met.

In my current position as Graphic Designer for UW System Administration in the office of University Relations, I produce visual communications in print as well as work on front end development for the web. In this position I strive to promote brand consciousness within our organization, through education and the use of style guides, templates and other branding tools.

My interest and passion for art and design has been life long. With a sketchbook as my constant companion, I believe inspiration can be both found and expressed in everyday activities. By allowing the creative process to flow, one not only works to improve the world around one’s self, but also the world within.

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